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Our Mission

The total liberation of the black will be possible trough the awareness of being a black person and embarrassing his identity upon other communities.


Our Vision for Africa:

The ideal would be to educate individuals from infancy for their real potential within the society because if you limit their innate biological ability they risk being automatons or formatted of the system, then they will be easily manipulated by them.

Avoid them during a long day, entertainment that are always based on emotional or instinctive. They should be focused on education because an uneducated individual has a limited horizon of thinking, that’s why some people are merely exposed to corruption and other staff like that and because of that they can’t be part of the revolution.

We must ensure that they have full access to knowledge, indeed, they will have a better understanding of who they are and what their real potential is…

We must not make a huge gap between education/science and the people. Our free speech system is right here to keep the information for Africans|Kemet. We barely point our professors out who dare to teach wrong data to our community.

We encourage Africans to do PHILOSOPHY based on their THOUGHT, things which are based on their CULTURAL IDENTITY and so that their dignity can be restated !


The African Renaissance cannot be possible without a modern African identity. The search for an African cultural identity is the key output from mental slavery. Cultural identity is what separates and distinguishes man or people from others, in a dynamic term.

Individual identity cannot be built outside the membership of collective identities because every man feels the need to be rooted in the culture of the group acknowledges, we have to accept our personality, self esteem, values and so on. It will provide to them a real protection and a symbolic security.

Collective identities are used as references to those who feel threatened in their integrity or looking to be recognized in what they consider their specificity.

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Our concept MBO REPUBLIC is based on the idea of a new type of:

“African (NEW Kamit) from mass, thus produced, must be treated as what it is: a lion, it must be a free thinker. Everything that allows him to shake his lucidity is good for him socially. Every doctrine based on innovation and the progress of his COMMUNITY should be a MORAL DUTY.”

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