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TellMeMore Tv is a Pan African Tv Channel conceived by Africans for Africans and friends of Africa.

The development of Africa is through the awareness via our own medias. Indeed, the traditional medias cover most of the activities across the world… However they do not have the paternity of the truth …

The disinformation of history, the hidden scientific facts in these traditional media are so commons especially when we talk about the African continent …

“The Western, Asian and even the Arab have the impression that it is only in Africa where there are problems or nothing gets done to make changes. Having this type of lopsided approach for Africa is clear that these racists and hypocrites stereotypes will still remain on our continent. This is why it is really important for us to develop the Pan-African ideology based on helping each other and growing our community.The ideal would be to educate individuals from infancy for their real potential within the society because if you limit their innate biological ability they risk being automatons or formatted of the system, then they will be easily manipulated by them. Let us be Africans and by the way let’s consume, produce and sell our products locally…”

No one will do the job for us, everything that is presented in Africa to the world by these communities (Mainstream Media) falls as racist stereotype with hypocrisy!

The African Renaissance cannot be possible without a modern African identity. The search for an African cultural identity is the key output from mental slavery. Cultural identity is what separates and distinguishes man or people from others, in a dynamic term.We need to change and stop this thing… We must take our destiny, we must be favorable to the BLACK BUSINESS…”

Our pan-African vision will be possible through a Resilient will! Support us.

Africa has everything to take over the leadership back, it is just a matter of will and vision.

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Our concept MBO REPUBLIC is based on the idea of a new type of:

“African (NEW Kamit) from mass, thus produced, must be treated as what it is; a lion, it must be a free thinker. Everything that allows him to shake his lucidity is good for him socially. Every doctrine based on innovation and the progress of his COMMUNITY should be a MORAL DUTY.”

TellMeMore Tv « the information that transcends the mind » !

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